Sunday, November 29, 2015


You'd think that being on a three month walk-about would give me plenty of time to write, wouldn't you?    Being a tourist is hard work!  I spend time figuring out how to get around, which sights to see and when, where to find food and drink.  We walk a lot.  There seems to always be one more thing I want to see or experience.

From PP, the Babels took us to their village, Tany, in Kampot Province.  We were Khmer language students ( for one hour) during their weekly language class, and afterward were honored to have lunch with Lo Kru (teacher) at his house.  He wakes every morning at 3, drives his moto to the next village to pick up produce for his wife to sell at the local market; returns to deliver his wife and the goods; begins teaching English to high school students at 7; has a short break at 11 am, the teaches the rest of the afternoon.  And, he's raising chickens, too, in hopes of saving enough money to send his children to college.  Lo Kru, and his wife, served a delicious lunch of rice and soup and bamboo shoot salad, under the trees.  What a special treat!

Ed showed us the village clinic  where he helps with vaccinations, babies and just about anything that comes in.  His job includes pedaling his bike to 12 other villages to administer vaccinations and diabetes education. The clinic is bright, clean and organized.  Really remarkable clinic, in this remote location.

Deb took us on a tour of her high school, directly across the road from their house.  School is on semester break, making it look like a ghost town.  Deb has spent the past year helping set up a library in the school.  Hard for us US educated people to comprehend that there are no libraries in the schools!  The new library is cleaned, painted, stocked and the cataloged (mostly).  It was really exciting to see the result of the work!

I've decided to just post pics from here on.  I really don't like typing on this tiny keyboard.  I'll fill in stories when I return to my computer!

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